Sunday, April 1, 2012


Sunday started with Left Brain organizing breakfast for the six of us and getting everyone on task to hustle to meet our 10:30 deadline of getting out of the house.    This is much like herding cats.

It helped to still own the canned ham as this was where She Devil was sequestered during the packing and open house showing.  Not so sure she loved the concept, but it made life easier for the rest of us.

We all scurried like rats on a sinking ship and began hauling furniture out to put on the trailer, clean up the kitchen and pack up their stuff to return home.  It was close, but we had time for a brief moment of prayer and thanksgiving on the deck before the realtor arrived.

Then we headed out for Panera to hide until the open house was over.  Left Brain and I led the charge while the Rossings manuveered the trailer and we watched as Ted became familiar again with the workings of a stick shift.

As we watched them pull in with the massive haul behind them all I could think of was the Beverly Hillbillies do Panera.  We managed to get a nice big table for everyone to sit at and we enjoyed a loud and noisy meal.  Not because we were at Panera - that's usually pretty relaxing, but it seems to become loud and noisy whenever this group assembles.

Shortly before 12:30 we figured it was safe and did the required kissing and hugging as we separated paths again and went back to the house.  There is one large recliner left and he claimed it immediately.  She Devil took the lounge chair and I got her chair and a TV tray to work on. 

Then I felt an overpowering need to just go lay down on one of the last remaining pieces of furniture we own and just rest and reflect.  I relaxed as well as I could until all I could think of was how badly the ceiling fan needed cleaning.  Arrgh!  So I got up and went to post today's blog.

I look forward to the future of a moderate sized motorhome with one bathroom to clean and no yard to maintain.  As I gaze upon my gardens I know I will miss this incredible oasis I've created - but I know that my new horizons will include sights not otherwise possible.

This coming week I will meet with people to sell off some of the few remaining possessions and go through stuff in the storage shed again to see what other cuts can be made to pare it down even more.  I'm sure there will be another trip to Goodwill soon. 

Long Live the Queen of Chaos

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