Saturday, April 21, 2012

Thursday night was fun with the garden club group as they put together floral arrangements.  I opted to pass on playing with them since I am homeless and my main interest in going out at night was to enjoy real furniture and running water.  We will be able to flush the system and have water again tomorrow...but for today, nada. 

 The real estate guy showed up at 9:00 with new papers to sign to cover all the new owners "stuff" in our house to make sure they are responsible for having insurance on it.  The roofers continued to peel away the old roof and lay new shingles.

I ran off to the funeral visitation and met more family and cousins I never knew existed, this side of the family is a total mystery to me and probably always will be.

Then I headed to Pickerman's to pick up soup for lunch.  No time or desire to cook anything in this state of limbo.

My doctor called to tell me I flunked my oxygen test, apparently I had 308 episodes during the night where it dropped significantly.  Rats.  This looks like another sleep study may be in order.

Our daughter arrived to go over photos again and we had a quick lunch of salad with pears, walnuts and gorganzola with the loaded baked potato soup.Then they got down to work.

I went off to get a much needed haircut and picked up groceries for supper.  Left Brain and Steph got a lot done and we all have a nice visit afterwards.  I especially enjoyed my chatting with Steph in the hot tub under the stars.  We all headed for bed early as they both had to get up very early for the next day.

My intentions were good for Saturday.  I got up and tried to do something with my hair.  Not loving the haircut, it seems we had "a failure to communicate".  I left a message for her to call me and see if we can work out something else to do with it.  Since she layered it in the back I may have to go quite short to get the haircut I actually wanted. Oh more new thing to enter my life.

Then it was off to synagogue and after staying long enough to chant the morning blessings and listen to part of the service I had to leave...just twitchy and jumpy and unable to sit still.  I ended up going back home and unable to settle down so crawled back into bedfor a nap.  The nap lasted until about 5:00.  I had thought the need for these naps lately had to do with the emotional upheaval and unrest of the move, but maybe it's the low oxygen in my blood.  I will be so glad when things settle down and my energy revs up again.

Left Brain returned about 5:30 and we watched TV while he tried to communicate with me, which didn't go too well.  I just can't seem to track at all and feel cold and achy.  Maybe I'm coming down with something as well as having sluggy blood flow.

So, it's off to bed early again tonight and attempt to get rested and hopefully the weather tomorrow will allow for some time outside in the gardens.  I don't feel any desire to work on them, but I need the physical release it brings and it would be nice for the new owners to have it looking decent when they move in.  Good night y'all.

Long Live the Queen of Sloths


  1. My friend, you're doing too much too fast and your body can't keep up. Every now and then you really need to slow down and catch your breath. If other people try to rush you too much, just ask them to step back a bit and give you room to breathe. You want to start your new journey refreshed and in good health.

    There's only one of you, so take very good care of you. I hope your night is very restful. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. Love the top photo. Beautiful women with beautiful flower arrangements.