Friday, April 13, 2012

Ladies that lunch

Today was a nice easy pleasant day...aaah.  I called Whispering Pines again (it still sounds like a nursing home to me) and arranged to stay for May and June.  Then I left another message for the place in Minnesota for July.  I'll feel better when I get that nailed down, then I'll work on August.

Roger arrived prior to my clinic appointment for lab tests so I got to help him unload his washer from the truck.  Thankfully this just went into the garage and not downstairs or anything.  Whew.

Then I went to have my lab tests for my physical next week to see if I am fit enough to enjoy this new lifestyle.  Although I have lovely big veins, Countess Dracula had to fish around a bit and then go in again - ouch!  But at least that is done.  I even watched the needle poking in and around until the light in the room changed color and started to slowly spin counterclockwise.  I'm getting braver, but obviously still have a ways to go.

Next stop was Panera to meet up with JuJu Bean for a quick breakfast and even faster talking as we both had places to go later.  It was great to laugh and visit and catch up with each other.  She has friends in Yuma that I definitely want to meet up with. 

I was going to sign up with Escapees for mail service; but it requires both of our signatures being notarized, so that will have to wait until Left Brain gets home this weekend.

Finally I ended the day with a little retail therapy and bought a new mattress pad and nice set of sheets for the motor home.  I'll get those washed up and packed tomorrow.  I also picked up a copy of "Now Eat This!" by Rocco Dispirito.  It has 150 of America's favorite comfort foods all under 350 calories.  This will be fun in my new life as there will be much more emphasis on home cooking.  It's harder and harder to find things I can justify buying with this new lifestyle.  I think Left Brain's right - this change is going to save us money....even with the cost of the gasoline!

Long Live the Queen of Day by Day

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  1. Wow, everything's coming together quickly for you. How does that mail service work? Do they gather your mail and forward it on to you? The cookbook sounds interesting so I think I'll look it up. I'm not crazy about cooking anymore, but the calorie counts sound pretty good. You have a good night, hugs, Edna B.