Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Catching up

Our current digs - the recliner belongs to the new owners
Tuesday started with a nice breakfast with a good friend.  A very good friend.  One willing to lend us the money needed to pay off the motor home until the house sells.  This was our step one of being proactive and not just "waiting" for things to happen.

a few of the new owners things in my former studio
This was followed with a visit to our State Farm agent to see how our insurance is affected by our crazy change of life plans. It appears that after the dust settles the premium will be about the same as before - that was good news.

and a few things in the basement
Then I went to see my doctor to find out if I am healthy enough for so much fun. After being poked, prodded, pinched and groped I was sent out with a prescription to start at WalMart and instructions to be set up with an overnight oxygen test to see if another sleep study is in order.  All the labs look good and it will be fun to see if by next year this time they are better from eating more healthy and walking more.  We'll see what the overnight test reveals and if Left Brain is right about my apnea and snoring.

and filling all three stalls of the garage
Wednesday we went out looking for cars after getting a list of suitable tow vehicles from our friends we haven't met yet....thank you Kay and Tom!  I fell in love with the Honda Fit - it was not only cuter than can be, but there were so many great puns I could come up with for a car called the Fit.  But Left Brain didn't deem that a good reason for buying a tow vehicle.  We ended up buying a Honda CRV that is just gorgeous.  It's black with black leather upholstery and handles nice.  Oh, and it has a moon roof...our concession to not being able to have a convertible. 

We went back home to get the title for his Saturn and to write a check to pay for the vehicle.  Left Brain called up our friend to explain we just blew his loan on a car and could we have some more money.  Now that we have a car we could order the towing bar and make an appointment to have it installed.

So, things are on schedule - the roofers should finish in a day or two if the weather holds and then we can get the appraisal done and close this deal.  We will get the motor home next Monday or Tuesday, which will allow us a few days to clean it up and start to load it with our things.

May 1st we take it in to add the towing bar first thing in the morning and should be able to take it to the campground that very night.

Day by day....each day bringing new surprises and pleasures, including supper.  I accepted the neighbor's kind offer of chicken, potatoes and salad with fresh morrel mushrooms and Left Brain stayed behind to rest (early day tomorrow) and heat up some left overs.  It appears that containers of vanilla yogurt look an awfully lot like mashed potatoes but once heated and butter added are not the same at all.

Long Live the Queen of One Step Closer to the Goal

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  1. From what I can see, your home is simply gorgeous! I would have a hard time leaving it behind. I love a place with lots of windows and open airy space. However, this is an exciting time for you. New auto, new home, etc. Will your email addy stay the same? How does the internet connection work? Will you have to buy a broadband stick? So many questions, things I take for granted. Now I'm off to get Tootsie her meds. You have a fabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.