Monday, April 2, 2012

A most unusual RV park

While having lunch with a friend recently I found that she had a park model home north of the Twin cities where my grandkids live.  This is perfect! An RV park where my buddy is and near my family.  Perhaps we could rent there for the summer months if this sells quickly.  Or maybe not? 

It appears this is a nudist RV park.  Rats!  And it sounded so perfect.  I do prefer the layered look myself, but at my age and weight I could probably pull that off while naked also.

Although, it is hot and humid in the Midwest during the summer - maybe this isn't such a bad idea.  I'll need to give that one some thought.

Long Live the Fully Clothed Queen


  1. Watch out for those mosquitos!
    Kay S.

  2. Thank you for my morning chuckle. Gosh, I've never heard of a nudist RV campsite. I learn something new every day. You have a fabulous day today. Hugs, Edna B.