Friday, April 6, 2012

Fabulous Friday

It was a very productive and yet relaxing day today in Spam-a-lot.  Roger arrived earlie with a trailer load of stuff to unload and I cleared out the third stall of the garage for him to do so.  One more section of the garage done!

On the way to my massage I dropped off a bag of groceries and cleaning supplies at WAFER.  Then I relaxed under the skillful hands of Kathy at Caring Hands Massage for an hour while we caught up with each other.  Some massages I like silence and others I enjoy the chatter, this was one of those chattery days.  She brought up several issues I had not thought about in living in the Southwest that she learned from her mother's experiences. 

Then I meandered over to Pickermans for some loaded baked potato soup...yum.  After leaving there I set out on my tasks of the day.  First stop was Petsmart to return three tire biters I had purchased earlier.  Does She Devil have a major chewing problem you might ask?  Nope.  I used to make tire swings for the dolls with these and now that I have retired from this occupation (at least for the interim) these can be returned since they have the tags on them yet.  I used the in-store credit to purchase kitty litter, some treats and a new kind of cat food to try out.

Then it was next door to TJ Maxx to return the slew of wine bottle toppers I bought to use making all those wine theme dolls.  That gave me an in-store credit that I will use later for some shopping therapy.  I don't have much in the way of sleeveless tops, so I'll get some nice little schmatta later on.

Last stop was Goodwill, my new favorite destination.  I parted with most of the dollmaking supplies I couldn't part with before...and it felt GOOD.  I was having a little trouble the other day and was able to talk to my friend, Beth who encouraged me not to rush and listen to my gut.  As I placed the items in the car for either Goodwill or the storage shed it felt good.  I could hardly wait to dump it off.

Now I'm not totally crazy...mostly, but not completely.  I still have plenty of favorite things and one box of odd props that have no purpose but they just make me laugh.  Those I'm keeping...I don't know why, but my gut was saying not to part with the.  At least not yet.

Left Brain had fulfilled his missions today also and went out to Whispering Pines to see if this might be an option for our summer stay.  Thumbs down, so it appears to be Goose Island for us this year.  He was home to assist the people buying the armoire and managed to sell them the recliner also.  Now all the furniture is gone! 

After a supper of sirloin steak, mashed potatoes and aspargus we decided to take in the Escapee's Escapade and Boot Camp in Missouri this September.  The timing is perfect for us and it feels good to make this decision.  As we sit in our yard furniture and plastic tables watching the last small TV we own we are happy campers.  She Devil is settled in on her little bed on the floor and probably has the more comfortable of all the chairs right now.

Tomorrow I will be able to enjoy a leisurely day at synagogue reconnecting with my friends and spiritual connection.  It is a day I have been hungering for!

Long Live the Queen of Contentment

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  1. All I can say is "wow" ... that is a lot to process. Even your doll-making stuff? I admire your resolve to keep your eye on the prize.