Monday, April 9, 2012

A most perfect day and much needed

Tulips that Steph gave me last week, she's such a thoughtful girl!
Today Left Brain left on a bus driving job long before the sun reared its head.  She Devil and I also got up early as there's much to do each and every day lately.  I stripped down the guest beds and started doing the laundry of sheets, blankets, mattress pads, etc since those will no longer be used.  And today I was going to have visitors!

Although I love my daughter dearly, my mind was questioning why she had to visit right now...and bring along a friend of hers as well.  I'm too busy...I'm too tired...I'm sick of people in my house all the time....I want to be alone....wah wah wah.  Then I told that cranky old woman to put on her big girl panties and just deal with it.  At least it was just for the day and not overnight as previously planned.

I was in the midst of gathering trash, doing laundry and helping Roger get settled in with some of his things into my house...his's so confusing, when they arrived.

Steph and Belle in our luxurious living room
The minute we greeted each other and hugged and all started talking a mile a minute I could see the wisdom of her ways.  This was exactly what I needed right now.  I'd been so busy pushing through to achieve the goal that I'd forgotten to embrace the journey.  We did a tour of the house and garden and introduced them to Roger and suddenly I felt lighter.

Then we headed to the Indian buffet only to find they were closed on Monday...oh no!  What to do!  What to do!  Well, we needed some kind of ethnic food, so we opted to visit the Irish pub downtown.  We were loud and boisterous and either entertained other customers or annoyed them...I'm not sure, nor did I care.

We laughed and giggled and carryed on until Belle mentioned it was 3:00.  I guess the lunch got a bit out of hand.  So we hustled back home and packed up the car for their return to the cities.

After they left I continued with my mundane chores of laundry, trash collection and draining the hot tub for it's spring cleaning.  By the time it was done and refilled and all the chemicals applied, Roger arrived with yet another load of boxes to haul in.

I heated up some frozen entree that I found in the freezer as I continue my quest to eat myself out of house and home in preparation for the move.  She Devil and I watched some TV and Roger finally departed about 8:30PM.  So, we're both ready to shut down and head to bed to read and sleep.  She Devil and I, not Roger and I....just wanted to make that clear.

Tomorrow is the inspection of the well and septic.  Then we just need to get the appraisal done and it should finally be over.  So, I need to just keep pacing myself and enjoy this somewhat quieter week and brace myself for the flurry of activity that awaits later on.

Long Live the Queen of Pacing

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  1. Your tulips are simply gorgeous! Wow, what a fabulous living room! Windows everywhere. I love it! Your whole journey seems to moving right along. I think I would be ruffled at having to get things done so fast, but I do believe that it's the best way. Pretty soon, you'll be off on a brand new adventure. I hope your day is fabulous! Hugs, Edna B.