Thursday, April 5, 2012

One step closer to the dream

After working feverishly to rid the house of furniture it has suddenly filled up again!  Our garage is stuffed to the max with all kinds of belongings...but the good news is that none of it is ours!

The buyers of the house just redid the contract to remove their contingency of selling their house to get things moving quicker and are storing the first shipment of their furniture in our garage.  This is a good sign. 

The couple we are purchasing the motorhome from are paying off their loan and should have the title back in about two weeks.  Then we can meet with them to pay off the balance and take ownership.  This should coincide with about the time we will be closing on this  house.  Note the words "this house" and not our house or our home.  It really doesn't feel like we live here any more, but more that we are here temporarily until the new people take over.  It's an odd feeling but a good one.

I managed to sell off another bunch of stuff yesterday, including the large Amish armoire.
The day before I sold the pie safe that managed it and that has been removed already.
This piece will go soon and then I'm down to one large rocker recliner and a couple of beds that will be given away at the end after my daughter and her friend have one more visit.

I sold a bunch of my art show supply yesterday as well so that is down to a manageable pile.  Then I retrieved a bunch of stuff from storage to re-examine it and pared it down even more.  It's an ongoing process of cutting away everything not absolutely necessary.  I just keep reminding myself it's just material "stuff" and of no real importance and let it go.

It's looking like Left Brain will be hired to do one more longer trip this year, either to Alaska or out West, so we will park the motorhome near La Crosse so I can be in my old stomping grounds during that time. 

We never know what the next day will bring.

Long live the Queen!

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  1. I just cracked up over your cartoon. Adorable! Have a great day. Hugs, Edna B.