Monday, April 16, 2012

Taking a proactive approach

frog in my pond
We've both been suffering a bit from sadness and feeling out of control with everything happening so quickly.  I had my first wave of sadness when watching the waterfall and walking through my gardens and Left Brain was feeling pushed out of his home and out of sorts in general.  Transitions can be rough...they usually are.  This is where one grows and develops.  So, to combat these sensations we decided to form a plan for each day of the week to keep ourselves busy and active and part of the process instead of feeling like we are afloat.

fish in my pond
The first thing we did was haul the canned ham to Cordell's Park and Sell in Holmen to give it more exposure.  We were no sooner backing it in when a lady came running over and wanted to see the inside of it, so we gave her the tour and took her information.  That was promising.

Second task was to visit my little bank where I had my business account and close it out and say goodbye.  They've been very good to me as a small (some might say miniscule) business. 

Then we took that money to the other bank to deposit it into the checking account.  I plan to use this money to get a faster computer to dedicate to my Photoshop projects and will keep the older one for other documents and email.  My computer has better memory than I do, but it's slowing down as well.  At least I can change that, not much I can do for myself.  While at the bank we made use of their notary public service to finalize the application for mail delivery service with Escapee's RV Club.

After that was done we took that to the Post Office as I had another book I sold to mail out.  Since most of the chores were done we went to various car dealers to find out what can be towed with all four wheels on the ground.  Not many as we have found!

I needed something to rev me up again as I was beginning to droop, so we stopped at Pickerman's for a bowl of soup.  Nothing like their incredible soup to warm one's spirit and keep you going!  While we were slurping up our comfort food I had a call from the lady we met at the Park & Sell.  She wanted to meet with us at 5:00 so she could show her daughter the R-Pod.

We stopped off at the house for a bit and then went back to the Park & Sell with high hopes.  They were definitely interested in the canned ham, but her current vehicle isn't quite enough to pull it safely any distance.  However, the mother wants to buy a truck, so maybe this will happen anyway.  Tomorrow I'll run the ad with the new reduced price of $9,500 and hope for the best.

It was important to remove the canned ham for two reasons.  One to make it more visible and another to protect it from the work on the roof that should start tomorrow.  The roof has to be replaced before the appraisal can happen.  It's always something.

Long Live the Queen of Control


  1. Hang in there! Great things are in store for you both soon!

  2. Tomorrow will be a better day. Peaks and valleys.

    Meanwhile, think Mac!! You will never regret it.

  3. I'd be feeling really blue leaving all my beautiful things behind. Your friends are right, tomorrow will be better and you have a fantastic journey ahead of you. Have a fabulous day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.