Friday, April 20, 2012

One Day at a Time

My double bloodroot
While having my massage recently Kathy and I were discussing the lifestyle of having "just enough" that I'm embarking on.

She had recently read something on the Lord's Prayer that struck home with her and shared it with me.  It was the line that states "give us this day our daily bread".  Probably sounds familiar to most of us, but when you read it as "give us THIS day our daily bread" it has a newer meaning.

It isn't a request for sustenance every day - but rather just THIS day, because the present is really all we have.   It's better not to worry about tomorrow or the week after that - but focus on what is right here...right now.  It's really the only thing we have and too often we miss it as we plan the next activity in our lives.

fiddlehead fern erupting -up about 12" now
This is why the Jews have a joke about how to make G-d laugh - tell him YOUR plans.  Too often we are rushing through life trying to pack in more than humanly possible like greedy little kids in a candy store when all we really need to be happy is to breath deeply and just relish what we have right now at this precise moment.

In all our rushing and scheming to "have it all" we are usually actually missing it because we don't have time to hold the cat, walk the dog, talk to the neighbor, stop to help someone, do some small good deed, listen to an older person tell their story....when these little things are what makes life so full.

Slow down, you move to fast.  You gotta make the morning last now....Hey, that would make a good song.

Long Live the Queen of Feeling Groovy

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  1. I totally agree about "Give us THIS day". There is so much enjoyment in the little things in life. If we took the time to see them, think how happy we would be. As I get older, I realize how fascinated I am with just about everything. Tiny leaves, bugs, clouds, water drops, grass, you name it. And I try to photograph just about all of it. Just for fun.

    You have a fabulous day, hugs, Edna B.