Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sleeping in....or not

After a long dark night of moving furniture in my head I finally got up about midnight and sauntered out to the hot tub.  I just can't get to sleep!  Oh...full moon.  Well, now that might have something to do with it!

When I returned to bed I was almost settled in when Left Brain started arguing with someone in his sleep and after he finally managed to get the guy to board the bus he settled down again.  I could see it would not be a restful night for either of us.  But at least we can sleep in tomorrow.

But NO!  At 8:00 I heard the doorbell.  Groan....I'm going to just ignore that and pretend we're not home.  Of course, with two cars parked outside the garage it's hard to pull off that little bit of deception.  Then they commenced to banging the door knockers.  I hate it when someone bangs my knockers...don't you?  So I shrugged into my slippers (and pajamas) to address them.

It seems that the roofers were here to load the shingles onto the roof so it's ready for it's repair later.  Now?  Seriously?  Okay.  They needed me to move the cars so they could get closer to the garage, which I did.  Then the real noise began with thumping and banging on the rooftop.  It sounded like Santa Claus practising some touch and go's for the main event.  She Devil immediately went into hiding.  She hates it when Left Brain walks around on the roof (we aren't sure why he does that), so this must really be freaking her out.

Not to mention that they are continuing to show the house in the midst of all this mess.  Well, at least THAT'S done with for now.  Hmmm.  Now who is at the door.  Roger.  With another trailer load of furniture. 

I helped him clean things off one side of the garage wall in the third stall and move the shelves over.  Then I swept up the dirt and leaves from the area so he could put more things into that area.  I also mentioned that the studio and both bedrooms are open.  They close on April 13th on one of their houses and need to be out by then so he is working feverishly to move everything into ours.  I think I'm going to see a lot more of Roger in the next week.

Left Brain and I met our son, Joe, at the Indian buffet to introduce him to the new flavors.  This is not Left Brain's favorite food, but he's a good sport and gave it a try.  Afterwards I went to the storage shed to sort out some more items to donate to continue paring down my art supplies even more.

the forsythia is bursting out bright yellow
So as this day draws to a close we are both pooped and content to sit and watch the news on TV and catch up on some reading.  My plan was to fix supper in the crock pot and enjoy some photography...maybe tomorrow.

Long Live the Queen of Chaos


  1. I tried to decide if this was "funny" "interesting" or "cool" but it sounded "exhausting". I enjoy your ramblings and feel for your difficulties in deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. There is a lot of wisdom in how you express it. Thanks for your "ramblings". I follow you and enjoy them. Hag Sameah, Martha Rettig

  2. I know you're exhausted, but at least all of this has taken place rather quickly. I have to give you so much credit. It would take me at least a year to go through all my stuff. Wishing you a smooth move into your new home. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.