Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Looking for a place to park it

I thought I was being so clever...looking for a place to park our new motorhome before we even had it.  It seemed so early, how hard can it be?  Well...harder than I had imagined.

We both fell in love with Goose Island after driving through it, even though there's no sewer hookup...but the seasonal rate is very good and there's wildlife everywhere, not to mention ta lovely view of the Mississippi River and bluffs of Minnesota.  However, apparently other people love it also. 

It is reservation only and there is a two - three year wait for seasonal sights.  Oh well, we'll pay the monthly rate.  It's a little more expensive that way, but who cares.  Oh.  Those are all taken also.  Hmmm.

Left Brain had checked out Whispering Pines earlier and didn't think it was that impressive so I hadn't even bothered to look.  But when we both went to check out the other one a bit further down the road, it looked much better.

This place had gaudy fake palm trees as well as a little bar.  That wasn't the problem.  I felt like I was driving through a scene from Blue Collar Comedy - or Red Neck Central - whatever.  For whatever reason the theme from Deliverance kept running through my mind.

Then we both went to walk through Whispering Pines which was clean, organized and enforced with a gate and rules listed about quiet hours, etc.  It looked much better to Left Brain on this visit.
So now my mission is to call Goose Island to get on the "waiting list" for a seasonal site and check in with Whispering Pines to get something arranged.  Our concern is not having any place to park over Memorial Day weekend. 

It will be easier in the South as there are several large RV parks since this is where the seniors tend to head.  It appears our local area is not a hotspot for that same population heading back north.  But this is where my friends and family are and we need to spend some time in this area each year.

Our neighbor's driveway is looking better and better!

Long Live the Queen of Red Neck Trailer Parks

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  1. I never realized how difficult it could be to find a good RV park. Somehow, the Whispering Pines sounds sosrt of like a convelescent park. I'm speaking only from the name of the park.

    You won't believe this but you have an ad on your blog here on the comment page for Cricket
    Smart Phones with "no contract" plans starting at $55 a month. This is exactly the smart phone that has been driving me crazy!!

    On that note, I think I'll take Tootsie and turn in. You have a wonderful night. Hugs, Edna B.