Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend frenzy

Saturday was a leisurely day as Marti and I attended an all day camera workshop presenting Lewis Kemper.  If you ever get a chance to hear this man's presentation...GO.  He's informative, keeps a nice pace throughout the presentation, stays on time and will throw more information at you than humanly possible.  He had the good fortune to graduate as a fine art photographer and actually work with Ansel Adams.  Let's just say my brain was buzzing with all the things I want to do and need to buy.

After the workshop I relaxed on the deck for an hour with Left Brain and She Devil until it was time to visit our friends house for supper.   We had been invited to The Johnson's for supper and this has never failed to be pure bliss with good food, fine wine and camaraderie. During this visit we learned that Owen had been to Nicaragua on a humanitarian mission as their photographer.  I want to do this!  He's going again in November, so I think Left Brain and I need to find some skill they simply must have, brush up on our Spanish and sign up.

When we got home I finally looked at my phone messages and realized the livestock had been stolen!  Well, not so much stolen as kidnapped.  My rebar deer and two large metal birds were the victims of a Passover theft!  This is actually a wonderful thing as they are now residing in a lovely valley where they can live free and I can visit them when we are back in this area.

Wisconsin is now officially part of Tornado Alley....great, just when we give up having a basement.  Oh yeah, we won't be staying here all the time so I guess it's okay.  It was rainy when we went to bed and we enjoyed listening to the thunderstorm as we drifted off to sleep.

I woke to what I thought was thunder, but it had an odd rhythm to it.  Then I recognized the hesitant sound of a large truck backing up and pulling forward...backing up and pulling forward....backing up and, well, you get the idea.  Seems Roger had arrived a tad earlier (6:30am) than he had said.  So I jumped up and put on clothes, opened up the door and prepared myself for the day.

Well, at least Left Brain had a chance to talk to Roger about how the appraisal was coming, which is the last thing we need to do before completing the sale of the house.  Bad news.  Apparently the appraiser hadn't been ordered yet because the roof wasn't replaced.  This was not our understanding.  So now we need to wait until the roof is replaced and THEN the appraiser can do her thing and we can finalize this deal.  This is good as we are running out of room to live in our own home.  As I right this at 7:00am Roger is sawing lumber to build a ramp for the garage door.  Oy.

The good news is that hopefully the motor home will become available in another week and the roof is scheduled to be done next week.  So, it appears (at least today) that we will be out of here come way or another.  This is if the weather cooperates, there's rain scheduled for most of the week.

Now we just need to sell the canned ham to get the extra money to purchase a newer car to fix up for towing.  Then we are ready to roll....literally.

Long Live the Queen of Patience

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  1. One of these days, I'm going to be able to attend some of these fabulous workshops. I heard on the weather channel today about the tornadoes going up into Wisconsin. Gosh, you folks please be extra careful. Where does one hide from the storm when you live in a motor home? Keep an eye on Baxter if the sky starts looking funny. Stay safe, hugs, Edna B.