Saturday, January 14, 2012

You can't buy shorts in Texas

Yeah, yeah...I know.  If you're going to Texas for two months you should pack some shorts.  But!  My old shorts don't fit me, they are too big so I had taken them to Goodwill already.  I only had two pair and this was not going to be enough for the stay.

No problemo I figure, I'll just buy some when I get there.  Nay nay!  You can't buy shorts in Texas in January.  This is their "winter" season and only long pants and winter clothes are available.  Huh?  It's 80 degrees!  And this is not a freakishly hot day, it's normally in the 70's and 80's here.  That announcement was not to anger my northern friends....but I have to say, it did feel good to write that.

Any way, back to my problem.  You'd think they would consider that most of their population here in the winter is over 60 (and that's putting it kindly), they might make some concessions.  But then again, maybe the other snow birds are better packers than I am.

I finally found some dance wear shorts that were long enough to look decent on a "woman of age".  Some of the shorts I saw were so short I imagine the girls have to have a Brazilian wax to be able to wear them.  They did not look comfortable either.

At least I have two more pairs of shorts now to get me through the "winter" down here.

Long Live the Queen of Short Shorts


  1. Okay, you are somewhere really warm and you have lost a bunch of weight - is that any way to endear yourself to your bundled up buddies up North??? Miss M

  2. I think I should feel sorry that you can't find any shorts to buy, but it's very cold here. Barely over 10 degrees. What can I say? Try to stay cool, Hugs, Edna B.