Thursday, January 19, 2012

A solution is found

I'm practicing adding text to some of my recent zoo photos.
The only area that has caused us problems in the canned ham is the sitting area.  For one person to be able to sit down, the table must be slid towards the other to allow enough of a passageway to enter.  Of course, if I could drop another 20 pounds, this would be easier.

The second part of this problem is that when doing this repeatedly, the back side of the table tends to collapse and then the cat slides off.  It's kind of funny in a sick way, but she is not amused and therefore, this must not be tolerated.  It's all about the cat.

Then there's the lack of space to put anything without it creating a jumbled up pile of crap that is, well...unsightly to say the least.

So!  We found four wood shelves and assembled them to make a platform on the back bench seat...which is unusable anyway as no one could get into that spot with the exception of a "little person".

Then Left Brain removed the weak set of legs and now the table sets on the wood platform and is easily slid back and forth and now backwards.  This makes getting in and out much easier.  It also creates a lovely resting area for She Devil.  It's all about the cat.

Two white plastic drawers provide the additional storage for all those extra cords, electronic devices, and misc junk.  The white is a bit glaring, but I do believe I have a smaller black set of drawers at home I can swap out that will look more attractive.

Now at night we can slide the table way to one side and I can actually join LB on his side to watch TV.  Up til now it has been more like listening to a radio show since I had no view of the TV from my position.

It's working much better now and we're all happy.  Especially the cat.

Long Love the Queen of Creativity


  1. I have to give you credit for being able to live in such a small space for so long a time with another person. I might be able to do it with just my dog, but I have a problem with claustrophobia.

    I like your photo of the ducks. As for the phone on my blog, I doubt if it is real, but it sure is cute. Have a great day, Hugs, Edna B.

  2. Buy some Adirondack Alcohol Inks and an applicator and you can marbleize the white plastic drawers. You'll be feelin' groovy in no time. There are also Rustoleum spray paints for plastic furniture, thought that wouldn't be as much fun. I love reading about how you've made the cozy space work for the three of you.