Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday - January 5, 2012

We were cruising around again to learn our way and stopped at a tacquerita for lunch.  This was authentic Mexican food and I made the mistake of dumping on the salsa like I do at Taco Johns.  FIRE!

Left Brain spotted the perfect plastic drawers to bring some order to the chaos by the table.  I spent some time arranging and cleaning our little love nest and then luxuriated in the shoilet with a nice shower and then some shorts and a t-shirt.  My goodness these legs are a pasty white color!  I'd better keep moving or people will think I'm dead.

The jack rabbits were hanging out near our neck of the woods yesterday, so I tried to get some photos with the big lens.  They look like little kangaroos to me.  
The yard is so scruffy I decided to give him a nicer surrounding.

No armadillos to be seen yet.

Long Live the Queen of Jack Rabbits

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  1. That's one super rabbit! What do you call the long lens? 300? Just curious. How are you liking your new camera?

    I feel bad for your hubby. I would probably have the same bad luck if my bathroom were like the one in your camper. Me and tiny spaces don't do well together.

    You have a great night, hugs, Edna B.