Sunday, January 8, 2012

Downtown market day

Left Brain took the car to get washed, so I removed everything in preparation for the cleaning and reorganized a bit.  Found all the missing articles.  Then we found a Best Buys where I was able to exchange the battery for my Canon Rebel T3i.  It is now charged and ready to roll.  Things are definitely looking up!

We had poked around an indoor flea market the other day and managed our way through all the Spanish.  Left Brain got a Green Bay Packers hat and I went home empty handed.  The best part was when we left and he pushed on the door to exit.  It said PULL.  In English.  Then he got to the next one and pulled on the door.  It said PUSH.  In English.  

Apparently he's acclimated very nicely to the area and is forgetting his English skills.  I'm still trying to find NCIS in Spanish on TV while I'm here.  

I'm starting to get my bearings finally.  Today we found the Weight Watcher meeting and thankfully I was only up .4 of a pound.  Whew. They seem like a very friendly bunch and next time I will stay for the meeting and then run over to the synagogue that's about three blocks away.  Sure was nice of them to group everything for me.

But today we headed for the Downtown Market that is held on the first Saturday of each month.  First we stopped at the Twins Cafe for breakfast.  Definitely where the locals eat but the waitress was able to explain most of the menu choices to me.  I had four delightful tacos with beef, cilantro, onion and salsa verde.  Yum.  A bit painful on the lips and tongue but with two cans of diet coke by my side all was well.  

Then we walked over to the market and perused the local offerings. You could find just about anything you might want and lots of stuff you don't.  My purchases were kohlrabi for $1 each that we are looking forward to slicing up tonight.  Thank you Larry Boy for introducing us to this vegetable.

No Marti, they don't have flowers yet.  This is a photo from the internet.
Then I found some bird of paradise to bring home for $5 each.  She had some lovely ones for $15 that were taller than me, but Left Brain reminded me that we will have to haul them into motels every night on the way back.  That made the little ones look much more appealing.  Such a deal.  I may have to find one more, my theory being that it's just as easy to haul in four as it is three.

Long Live the Queen of Mexican Markets

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  1. I have to admit that I, too, tend to push when it says "pull" and pull when it says "push". Maybe our brains are just a wee bit dyslexic? It's possible I think, because I know my eyes are. Sometimes it's a chore to do a crossword puzzle.

    I love your new plants. I would love one but it wouldn't live very long in my house. I'll just enjoy photos of yours when they bloom. You have a great night. Hugs, Edna B.