Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year's Eve y'all

Here is the posting from New Years Eve.  

I’m from Wisconsin so it’s not like I’m not accustomed to seeing road kill.  We have your basic assortment of deer, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, dogs, cats, possums, porcupine, turtles, turkeys, etc.  But pigs?

And not just any old pigs, but big ugly boars with tusks.  I’m sure there’s a story behind this.  I am waiting to see an armadillo down here, preferably alive.  We were shocked at the size of the rabbits in the yard next to ours.  Left Brain tells me these are jack rabbits.  They are huge!

We managed to get settled in last night which got us all hot and sweaty, but we had no groceries.  So I proceeded to go hunt for a grocery store.
The first task was to exit the park.  This is done after hours by driving very slowly towards the big metal gate until it opened.  Then there’s a code for getting back in that I really hoped would work.

So out into the dark and gloomy night I went, not knowing where anything was.  I found a Subway but it was closed, however, I was able to ask someone where the nearest grocery store was.  I just couldn’t understand the answer.  I finally wound my way around until I came to a HEB.  THAT’s what she was trying to tell me, I just didn’t know that an HEB was a grocery store.

I wandered the store in a hazy fog of exhaustion and being possibly the only English speaking person there.  It was one of the oddest New Years Eve I’ve ever had. I got back to the resort okay and proceeded to the gate to enter the code and couldn’t see much of anything.  So, I grabbed my trusty smart phone and pulled up the flashlight app and turned it on.  Thank you Eric for teaching me about that!  I apologize now for laughing at you and saying that was really dumb – I now see the wisdom.  You might not have a flashlight, but you will usually have your phone.
After getting back to the ham and taking a shower in the shoilet, I served up a Caesar salad kit followed by a Weight Watcher amaretto cheesecake yogurt we crawled into bed for a good night’s sleep.  This was at 9:00pm.

I tossed and turned, which made the upper bunk squeak each time I breathed deeply and couldn’t get settled down.  Then I was almost asleep when I heard the banging noises.  Hmmm.  I got up to check the door, thinking it was swinging and hitting the side of the canned ham but it was fine.  There wasn’t any breeze to speak of.
After tossing for another half an hour or so I decided to get up and check the settings on the fridge to make sure it wasn’t too cold and freezing She Devil’s insulin.  We had an ugly incident on the road where her insulin and tuna both were frozen solid.  None of us were happy that morning. There’s that banging noise again.  Well, it doesn’t seem to be bothering She Devil, so that’s all that’s important right now.  It’s all about the kitty.

I must have dozed a bit because I dreamt that someone was shooting wild boars.  Or maybe they were shooting at us!  I satstraight up in a panic and smacked my head on the ceiling.  I forgot about that part of our canned ham experience.  Now it’s about 10 PM – then it dawned on me why there were so many outdoor vendors selling fireworks – it’s New Years Eve.  Duh.  So I tried to ignore the noise as much as possible and at least be comforted by the fact that we weren’t under fire.

Long Live (and sleep) the Queen

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