Saturday, January 7, 2012

My brain is melting....

Well, after digging through the car more I finally did find my missing toilet kit.  And after more digging the passport surfaced, so I'm still intact.  For the moment anyway.

I went to charge up the backup battery and found it is the wrong size. Rats, now I need to find a Best Buys and see if I can replace it.  In another state.  With no receipt, of course.

I ran off to photo the canned ham among all the larger rigs and realized I had the wrong lens on.  I could have taken it with the macro I suppose, but I walked back to get the proper lens and tried it again.  Geeez.

Then last night I attempted to get a photo of the beautiful red night sky and when I got in position I didn't have any battery in it because I decided I'd better recharge the one I have.

Once the battery was in place and I hustled over to the fence again I realized that the memory card was missing since I was going to be downloading photos later on that night.  Yikes!

By the time everything was assembled the sky had changed and the shot was gone.

Left Brain is going to gut the van today and take it to a car wash for a good cleaning inside and out.  Then I will reload it in a precise and meaningful way so everything can be accessed better.  I'll get the hang of this yet!

Long Live the Disgruntled Queen


  1. Do I sense a bit of frustration? Suzanne

  2. Gosh, I feel for you. I've had many such moments myself. From the colors that show, that sunset must have been gorgeous! Have a great night, hugs, Edna B.