Friday, January 13, 2012

And they call the wind....annoying

Did I mention before how stinking windy it is here?  Holy cow!

The land is flat and there's not much to block the wind, as is shown by this photo I took on one of our walks.  There's just open land as far as you can see.

After listening to the gusts hitting our camper and cabana all night, I was afraid to look out.  I really figured the cabana would be in shreds. Amazingly it held.  Parts of it unzipped and some of the window flaps were flying, but it was still standing.  Amazing.

I worried that if it came unstaked it would create a parachute effect and the canned ham would be lifted into the sky and heading for Oz.

Since he wasn't able to go golfing today, we visited the RV show nearby and drooled over big fancy rigs that we'll never own.  Then we returned to our only little rig that's paid for and settled in for some computer work.

I believe some of the neighbors were attaching weights to their little dogs when they let them outside to use the facilities.  She Devil insisted on going outside for a while to lay in the dirt in the sunshine and have the breeze blow in her face.  She was a mess when she came in and needed copious amounts of brushing.

I guess it's why they call this place "Tropic Winds".

Long Live the Queen of Breaking Wind
Oh wait...that's Left Brain


  1. Oh Queen Breaking Wind, how are you? I love sleeping when it's really windy, esp. if I'm hunkered down someplace safe and warm. Going to the Jamie Heiden reception at the Pump House tonight. Wish you were here to go along.

    Batten down the hatches!

  2. Oops, make that tomorrow night for Jamie's reception.

  3. We've had strong winds all day and night too. I hope you have tall trees by your camper to protect you from the wind. I'll keep an eye out in case your camper flies overhead tonight. Here's hoping tomorrow's a nicer day. Hugs, Edna B.