Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Texas Flea Markets

We finally got to the big Flea Market on Saturday - yikes!

You can buy just about anything there.  The outer areas are people just setting up out of their trucks and vans, with merchandise spread out on the hoods of cars, on tables or just dumped on tarps on the ground.  Presentation is SO important!

I found some lead sinkers and snatched them up.  Left Brain informed me they are illegal for fishing, what would I do with them. Well, duh!  They are perfect weight in the butts of my dolls, of course.  Since these are not a child's toy, they are perfect for this.

One of the things that bothered me the most was seeing lots of parakeets and other small birds crammed into cages for sale.  I'm hoping their digs "back home" are a bit more spacious and comfortable...but I have my doubts.  There was a small dog in a cage not much bigger than he was and he looked terrified.  These things bother me a great deal, animal lover that I am.

So, we packed up our produce that we purchased and headed on home.  I think going there once was enough - it was pretty dismal and dirty looking, but an experience.

Long Live the Queen of the Market

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