Monday, January 30, 2012

the canned ham is reaching perfection

We've made many changes to our little abode, but these recent ones were the best.  And the most fun.  My left brained husband is finally starting to realize the joy of the creative process rather than just his usual linear thinking of "get-r-done".  And I must say I am envious of some of his design concepts and ideas.  Oh what a team we make!  As I told him yesterday...together we have half a brain...but fortunately that's all that seems to be required to get along.
here the table is pushed way in to allow lots of room

Lack of storage space in a tiny shell is the biggest problem.  So, I had added the plastic drawers to fit this.  Not great looking (yet, anyway) but a real problem solver.  I hated to just remove the triangle cushion and finally figured out I could flip it around and use it as a back support while I write.  She Devil also enjoys the added height of her new perch.

here the table is pulled out so you can see the wood shelf
The other bane of our existence was the table whose rear legs kept collapsing as we slid it back and forth across the floor.  This is necessary to allow entry for two old people to be able to get up and down from the table.  So, we built a shelf to put over the back seat cushion to add some height and removed those flimsy legs.  Now the table rests on the wooden shelf and is easily slid sideways and back and forth.  Those that know me understand that I LOVE to rearrange furniture and this is the only thing I can actually push around...other than Left Brain, of course.

This also creates a nice spot underneath for storing briefcases, computers, whatever.  While reclining back in my seat I do enjoy tucking my feet under there.  Our previous cat, Simcha (may her memory be for a blessing) would have loved hiding in that spot.

Our most recent creation was the storage area above the fridge.  

We put the little microwave on top since it mostly just makes popcorn anyway and Left Brain constructed some shelving for me.  

My original plan was to have one big shelf but it morphed into a little different arrangement.  

I like the look of the black canvas containers...much nicer than looking at a lot of half eaten bags of potato chips and molding bread.  But I really wanted to be able to see some of the smaller supplies that seem to get lost, even in this small of a space.  I know it's hard to believe anything could get "lost", but I couldn't find my pajamas for two days before they miraculously reappeared.  But I digress.

So, we added shelving options - always important to me.  Left Brain did the hardest ones in the back and then after seeing how it was done, let me play with his power tools and build the ones in the front.  I love power tools, such fun. 

Now I have shallower shelves in the back to find those pesky little things and they are covered by the larger items in the canvas totes.  The added beauty of this is that when the nets are added for those times we are moving, I don't need to pack up anything - it all stays right in place.

There was a lesson learned here also.  I wanted a place to just store my unmentionables without having to run outside into the cabana to retrieve clothes from my plastic storage tote.  We used to store them in the car, but with my new improved cabana design, we can have them right outside the canned ham.  Pretty cool, huh?  Again, I digress.

The solution was to put my undies (there, they are no longer "unmentionables") in one of the smaller totes in my newly constructed pantry area.  It's not a problem storing some of the everyday items on top of them, usually.  Lesson learned:  onions do not make a good sachet for your underwear, tote.

The changes to the cabana involved placement of a second table on the back wall, under which is our clothing storage totes.  The tablecloth on top acts as a buffer for rain (not a problem here in Texas!) and dust and dirt (definitely a problem here in Texas!).

I picked up a couple of plastic "personal tables" (did they used to be called TV trays?) to use for serving food, playing cards, etc.  Oh, wait!  I get it.  There is no TV outside, so personal table does make sense.

For photos visit the page at the bottom of my blog showing all the modifications made to the canned ham.

Long Live the Queen of Home Improvement

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