Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2, 2012

I know we enjoy our internet, but I didn't think we were THAT dependent on it.  I went to the cable place this morning and got my equipment to set up our internet.  Struggled through the set up and thought it was finally there, but no.
After a long conversation and diligent assistance from Corey with Time Warner Cable it finally was all set up.  He then walked Left Brain through his set up also.  It feels so good to be back.

I was reviewing the changes since I started doing this blog a year ago.  I remember being so excited every time there was a page view and a new country added.  Now I'm up to 20,824 page views from 86 different countries.  I never dreamed such a thing could be possible.

My highest viewers are from the US and then Australia and Canada, followed by United Kingdom and Russia.  I've been told my humor and the dolls I create are very English. 

Now that everything is back up and running I need to get busy with the camera and try to photo some of these huge jack rabbits around here.  

Our neighbors are often seen walking their dog and cat.  Yup, their cat.  They have a lovely Bengal named Tiger.  This is a lovely breed and I'm looking forward to talking more to them about this cats attributes and where they found him.  I will try to get photos of him soon.

But for now - I am officially caught up.  We have our name badges and have signed up for our massages next Monday.  The fruit and vegetable truck comes at 4:00PM an I need to check it out and then maybe take the zumba class tonight.

Long Live the Queen of the Wind

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  1. Did you know that you're so very efficient that you're now a day ahead on your blogs?! Maybe that's just the time difference where you are:) Looking forward to those pics.