Monday, January 9, 2012

Line Dancing - fun and a great workout

I decided to check out the line dance class for beginners today.  Partly because I had to do laundry anyway, I needed the exercise and to avoid the football on TV.

First I got the laundry started.  I learned from our trips to Florida to carry large amounts of quarters...not needed here.  You purchase a laundry credit card and can insert money in the machine to add funds to it.  The card is inserted into the washer and dryer.  Pretty slick.

There was a nice lady who showed me how to do it and even put my laundry into the dryer for me while I was at my line dancing class.  I was hoping for them to be folded and delivered to my site, but that was a bit too much I guess.

Line dancing is a blast.  Simple dance moves that take you four different directions as a group.  Occasionally you find yourself facing the person next to you, which results in much laughter.  This is a very basic class for beginners only.  Now I'm wanting to go check out the other line dance sessions to watch and learn more - perhaps to lurk about in the back and try to follow along.  

A couple of hours were spent deleting photos and old files again. I try to do this a little bit each day to make some space on the hard drive.

Left Brain has a play date in the morning with some of the men here to go golfing.  So, I have a completely free day to do what ever I want - wooo hooo.  It's hard to picture what I want to do first!

Next we need to start checking out some of the bird sanctuaries and wildlife areas.  Maybe I'll try to find one of those tomorrow - just me and my camera.

Long Live the Queen of Line Dancing

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  1. Good luck with your line dancing. It sounds like lots of fun. I can't wait to see what photos you will get at a bird sanctuary. I really enjoy trying to get good photos of birds. Enjoy your day. Hugs, Edna B.