Thursday, January 12, 2012

War Horse

I attempted joining the regular group this morning for line dancing and was humbled.  I have a lot to learn and need a lot of practice.  But it's still fun and good exercise.  I've learned to bring along a change of clothes, swimsuit and towel to head right for the showers and hot tub after class is done.

It is constantly windy here.  We gave up on the screen house and took it down, it was just getting destroyed from being battered around.  I think if we had one with a sewn in floor if might have worked better as that would have added some stability.  I might try another one...who knows.

It was so cold today that I needed to dig out my sweatshirt again.  We decided this would be a good day to check out the other movie theater and go see War Horse.  This theater is going to make it hard to come back home again - absolutely beautiful with huge screens and surround sound.  The movie was dynamic...bring tissues.  This is bound to get some awards this year.

I thought about checking out the tennis courts - you really wouldn't need a partner at all.  Just hit the ball into the wind and let it blow it back in your face.

Left Brain is fixing some BBQ chicken for supper and we feasted on lots of fresh veggies in our cabana.  Life is good.

Long Live the Queen of the Wind

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  1. I was wondering how the screenhouse would hold up. That's a gorgeous photo! Do they have a lot of flowers in bloom? It's only breakfast time here, but that bar-b-q sounds awfully good, You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.