Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Fairy Gardens continue

The little arbor was found while plant shopping with Ms M and looks just adorable up on it's little hill.  One of the smaller fairies is sitting on one of the built in chairs.

Then I remembered that I have a small camping tent and set up a fairy camp site near the landing pad for the canned ham.  

Too cute for words.  It would not surprise me at all to have some varmint or another use it for housing.  Speaking of varmints, the raccoon is out there digging for fallen bird seeds.  

He definitely wouldn't fit in the little tent...he's way too big.  I may find some superheros in there some day...the neighbor looks like he's scheming a prank to play on me.  It will look good when the hostas and ferns grow up around it more and it has it's little camp site number posted by it.  Hmmm. Perhaps a clothesline to dry their wings.

That reminds me...I have a small hammock I could put up near my full-sized one.  It's so good to be a doll maker - all this stuff sitting around just waiting for inspiration.  I never thought I'd use it outside, but what the's fun and makes me smile.  I wonder if the fairies would like a tire swing.....

Long Live the Queen of Fairies


  1. can you give me the size of these minis? i am sure with all the handicrafts around me that i should be able to find something for your garden on my travels.

  2. a clothes line for fairy wings. how wonderful! lois