Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

We had a major thunderstorm last night with heavy rains.  The pond is all brown and muddy since I had just redone the bottom pool and there was all that exposed soil to wash in.  I'm only hoping this has also settled the gravel pit on the landing pad so I can start to lay down the patio blocks....again.  I do love to do things over and over again.
I was too tired to have supper last night so Left Brain and I just had a large bowl of Greek yogurt with fruit and granola.  The scale reflected nicely this morning as a reward for hard work and little food.  Now if I can just keep the momentum going!
We'll grill out tonight with our son to celebrate fathers day and then start packing in earnest on Monday and Tuesday for our Colorado adventure.
It's the gathering of all the Keeffe clan for a long overdue family reunion.  We are becoming the oldsters in the group now and will certainly be revered as the beloved elderly wise men and women we are.  Yeah...right.
Long Live the Queen Jester

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