Friday, June 24, 2011

First day of our Colorado adventure

We packed in a lot of hours on the road the first day, but managed to remain civil to one another.  The hardest part was getting through Nebraska.  I swear that is the longest state and possibly the most boring.  We did think about picking up one of the hitchhikers just to liven things up a bit, but there wouldn't have been a spot to put him anyway.  

But it's always fun to find those little out of the way cafes with the local charm.  This was way up there on that scale....not necessary an honor.  I got the Randazzle burger which was a hamburger patty, I'm pretty sure...but not positive...with sauerkraut and Swiss cheese.  It was served with a scoop of mashed potatoes the size of a softball and everything swimming in gravy.  Yummm....gag...gag...gag.  I feel my arteries closing up!

This establishment also serves as a night club.  The lady who greeted us, took our order, was vacuuming in the back and putting together salads for another table may possibly be the exotic dancer at night also.  Small town.

While we were there I noticed the various trucks and vehicles - mostly trucks, pulling up to the gas pumps.  Now this is something I've never seen before, so I found it interesting.

We entertained ourselves with Sirius radio and finally settled in for the night in Waco Nebraska.  That felt a bit eerie to me, but I'm sure it was just the name.

The next day we headed off for Colorado Springs for three days of leisure before hooking up with the family.

Long Live the Queen of the Road


  1. Wowee, after finishing the housecleaning and the food preparations, the exoctic dance show probably would have been spectacular!!

    Mary Ann showed me how to get around this Google comment box so I could leave comments. I am enjoying your trip almost as much as you are. Have fun and take lots of photos. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. i had a road trip wo u queen jester. on my way back from wausau i had a craving for pie... alas none in plover but was told to stop in babcock... and lo and behold situated at the T was a pie shop. i got the last piece of the dutch apple and was a very happy camper...