Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The short life span of a peony

This is a photo of a tree peony bud that was taken on June 3rd.

I only have three buds on the entire plant.  But they are huge and beautiful for the brief span of time they appear.

This is the same bud the following day.

You can almost see these things grow, they develop so fast.

Unfortunately, they also disappear way too quick.

How they know to bloom right before a thunderstorm that will destroy them, I don't know.

This year they have all bloomed one a time, so I'm glad I had lots of photos last year when they all bloomed at the same time.

Here's a photo I took and applied a dry brush filter to.  I love the dreamy feel it has to it and it's one of my favorites.

Well, I'm off to see what else is blooming this morning.  I worry that if I skip a day I'll miss somebody's special moment.

Long Live the Queen of Peonies


  1. beautiful pix. thanks to your advice, I have a tree peony, now, too. I'm going out to look for buds. :-) lois

  2. One of my favorite flowers by one of my favorite photographers! Great dry brush effect which works especially well with these Peonies. Enjoy!

  3. My peonies are special to me and the first just bloomed a day or so ago. Hoping to get my own photos before the rain starts tomorrow.