Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer is coming soon and the lilies are starting to put on their show.

It's enjoyable to have perennials for every season so there's always something blooming.

This year seems to be producing exceptional plants and blooms like I've never seen least in my yard.

Even though they bloomed while I was out of town, I was thrilled to have two blooms on the pink lady slippers, and I see some more plants starting to develop.  It's my goal to have a colonization of these before I need to visit them with a walker.

I did get to enjoy my granddaughters application of wildflowers in her hair decorations.  She tucked them into her braid all the way around and it was quite stunning.  It's great to have nature loving kids in my life.

The vines are climbing up up up and lots of buds are forming.  And the roses!  The scent is heavenly and the blooms are bountiful.

And now it's back to the gravel pit to finish the landing pad for the canned ham.  I can almost walk upright it's time.

Long Live the Queen of the Shovel

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