Friday, June 3, 2011

Updating the cabin

Now that the granddaughters are too old to play house in the cabin anymore, it is undergoing some changes to function more as a garden shed.  

First thing was to remove the protective banister in front of the loft so it's easier to store garden things.  

Then I added curtains to cover the boxes and such up there.

I added a wire shelf that was sitting idle in the basement to hold my garden gloves, shoes, plant makers and the like.  

I took down the previous shelves I had up there to use in the garage as they will function better out there.  

I do like to rearrange stuff, don't I?

To create a better work area I put up the black pegboard that I used to use as backdrops for the dolls.  

Now it is used for the purpose for which it was designed.  Yeah, I know...kind of boring, but it is efficient.  I added a nice tablecloth for the table and think it's done.

I may find some pretty flooring one of these days and add that.  

Just because it's a work area doesn't mean it can't be pretty.  

As Left Brain's one of the most expensive lawn ornaments we own.

It felt good to give it a good sweeping out and cleaning and it's great to have a place to store all the garden things.  I'm sure Left Brain likes having my trash out of his garage also.

I've always wanted a log cabin and this isn't exactly what I had in mine but it sufficient to mark off my bucket list.  Check.

Long Live the Queen of the Cabin


  1. I have a No Trespassing sign just like that at our cabin. So far it's served it's purpose.

  2. My garden shed has curtains too! It makes me happy! Kristi

  3. lovely, just lovely. my husband thinks you and I are secret sisters since we both appreciate the beauty in details. lois

  4. Wait! I wanted to stay up in the loft!! Too late? ;-) (Ted)