Friday, June 3, 2011


Soaking in the hot tub without a suit requires some stealth and quiet, especially while hosting guests from Russia.  So I slipped out this morning to watch the sun rise over the valley while taking in the cacophony of wildlife sounds.  It's one of my favorite moments of the spite of She Devil  pantomiming  her desire for breakfast through the window.  When I laughed at her she surprised me with another gesture that I didn't realize a cat was physically capable of doing!  That was rude...I must find out where she learned that.  Probably from Left Brain.

Anyway...back to basking in the solitude of nature.  Suddenly there was a loud buzzing in my ear...not uncommon...but this time it was a huge bumblebee.  It wove it's way over the water, allowing me to wonder at the miracle of it's flight up close  and personal.  Then it landed on my towel and tucked it's body under the fold as if for shade.  How cute!

I'm feeling pretty smug about and my bumblebee enjoying the hot tub together, both in our own way.  Then I watched a cardinal and a large woodpecker checking out the bird feeder to see what was left after last nights ravaging by the raccoon.  One of our guests had a good time photographing him last night as he was feeding.  He crawls up the post and uses the squirrel baffle as a seat while he dines on the seed in the feeder.  It's like watching some burly guy climb up on a barstool as he bellies up to the bar.

Oh look!  There's the oriole.  I must replenish the grape jelly for her this morning, I'm sure the coon finished that off last night for dessert after emptying the feeder.  I just love my viewing spot while soaking my tired achy body in the hot water.  I'm usually in hot water, so I figured I might as well learn to enjoy it.

Well, the sun has crested the hill and She Devil is pretending to be dying now...clutching her throat and rolling around on the floor.  She's such a drama queen and over acts it to the hilt.  So, I looked both ways before exiting the tub as always...coast is clear...and grabbed my towel.

Oh yeah....the bee.  Kind of forgot about him until I wrapped him inside the towel with me.  We became bossum buddies there for a bit until he freaked out and let me know he did not enjoy being in my cleavage.

I yelped out in surprise...well, screamed is more like it...and flung away my towel and ran for the door.  This is neither the way to retain one's privacy nor is it a treat for anyone's eyes so early in the morning.  Therefore, I apologize to my family and neighbors for the disturbance and when I figure out how to say it in Russian, to our guests.

Long Live the Queen of the Hot Tub


  1. hot tub buzz words. fun reading. always know if I'm not up to something, i can read what you are up to!

    Fawn in yard today. Dear me. He's yours for the taking. We have enough deer. lois

  2. Read Your blog to my husband on or way to the campground. He had a good laugh right a along with me. Btw, that's the only way to hot tub!