Saturday, June 25, 2011

Leaving Colorado tomorrow

It's our last day in Colorado Springs and probably the last quiet day we'll have a while, so we slept in and then went to a wonderful little Mexican restaurant across the street that boasted "serious Mexican food" and they meant it.  It has been in the family for six generations and everything is prepared fresh.  I stuffed my face like a true Weight Watcher gone wild until I actually hurt.  Sorry Becky.

Then we went to Best Buy so Left Brain could buy a Sirius XM radio unit to take with him to Alaska.  That will help to make the six days of driving more tolerable for him.  He really got hooked on it from having it in my van.  I found "Robin Hood Men in Tights" in the $5 bin so had to pick it up.  These are the kind of movies I enjoy running while I sew, allowing me to audibly enjoy the movie and just look up at the good parts.

On the way home we stopped at Garden of the G-ds, which is an awesome formation of red rocks that you can drive through or hike through.  I really wanted to get out and walk as we've mainly been sitting or sleeping since we left.  It felt really first.  Call me crazy, but 80 degree heat with little or no shade at this altitude just isn't compatible with my system.  We watched some rock climbers and cut the walk short to get me back.

We also put the AC on for She Devil when we leave her - never us...just for her, so I climbed right into my bunk when we got back and savored the coolness until things stopped spinning.

Most of the afternoon was spent sitting in the cabana and reading and watching people walk their dogs and cats.  Well, one Siamese cat anyway.  It walked very nicely on a leash.  She Devil enjoys hanging out with us on a tie out, but I'm not so sure she'd "walk" with me.  Never thought to try it before.  I'd prefer getting one of those cute little pet carts to push to take her with me on walks.  I think she might prefer that also.

We just had some yogurt and berries for supper and that was plenty after the huge meal at lunch.  We'll go to bed early tonight so we can pack up in the morning and head over to the family reunion.

Long Live the Queen of Lower Altitudes

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  1. Your photos of the rock climbers are awesome. But I'm not tempted to try it. If God wanted me to climb mountains, he'd have given me lots of sticky bendy legs and arms. Hope your time with the family is wonderful. Have a great day, hugs, Edna B.