Thursday, June 9, 2011

How to garden in intense heat

We've been setting some records in our little area lately with temperatures in the upper 90's and hitting 100.  Wow, that's too hot to work in the garden you might say.  Nay nay I would reply.  You just have to pick when and where you do it.  You just need to think cool and pack a lot of water.

On Tuesday it hit 100 degrees,  so I worked in the pond.  I'd been wanting  reduce the visibility of lower spillway, so I dropped it down lower, creating a higher waterfall above it and a nice little planting area near the water level.  

This helped to hide the ugly black plastic somewhat better.  When it's this stinking hot, it's the perfect time do this type of work as I have my feet in nice cool water (and muck, mud and G-d knows what else).  

Need to squat to reach that rock, no problem....ah, how refreshing.

The fish didn't seem to like me in their area, but they shared nicely.  

Once the foliage catches up again, it will look great.

On Wednesday I decided to transplant hostas and some ferns since it was only in the 90's.  

The service man told me I needed to move the ferns away from the air conditioner, so I dug them out and relocated them in the back where nothing grows in the dry shade.  

Then I moved the archway forward and replanted the clematis. 

Now the air conditioner can work without all those plants trying to smother it.

After that I tackled the big guys on the back slope.  Thankfully, Norwegians are designed for working on steep slopes and I managed not to fall off the hill at all.  I planted the new hostas I had purchased at Garden Fest and dug up and divided a huge clump of koussa regal.  I figure if I can handle being out in this heat, they can handle being transplanted.

Then I added a sunshade to the arbor by taking a long panel I had stashed in the basement and weaving it over and under all the slats and stapling it on the ends.  With my new blue sling chairs and black side tables, it's starting to look cozy back there.  Now if I ever get a chance to actually SIT there, that would be nice.

Long Live the Working Fool Queen

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