Saturday, June 18, 2011

Left Brain and the Frogs

Most of the day today was spent working in the gravel pit.  When I came home yesterday I saw a Volkswagen sized pile of gravel waiting for me.  My initial thought was that they had overestimated and I envisioned hauling lots of it to the back where the trailer was stored.  Well, at least I have a place to put I plunged in.

After moving the pile from the driveway to the landing pad I drove my car over it once and then took the lawn tractor and ran over it several times to pack it down.  I swept up the driveway but was too tired to hose it down.  I'm hoping for rain tonight.

Then I went to the pond where I had to move one of the pools to prevent back splash in the one below it.  Not a big project, but another one of those things that needed to get done.  The job went smoothly and without my falling into the pond.  Actually I was so hot and tired I didn't care if went for a dip or not.

Once that was done I ran the hose into the pond to replace water that had been lost and cleaned the pump filters.  How much filthier could I get anyway?  Well, since I'm totally disgusting...I might as well spray the Liquid Fence.  My neighbor told me she spotted a doe with two fawns, so there's a new generation that needs to be taught not to eat my plants.

This was when Left Brain came home and we chatted a bit and then I went off to finish spraying.  I was enjoying the sounds of nature, especially the frog that must have been happy I got the waterfall running better.  

Then I heard the strangest frog call.  I just couldn't place it.  There must be a mating pair because there was definitely a frog serenade going on.  When I got back to the deck I found Left Brain making the frog calls.  Then the other one would answer him.  Back and forth they went.  Great.  Now I have some love struck frog after my husband.

Long Live Queen of the Frogs

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  1. Can't wait to have frogs in my pond, too. Fun Fun Fun. Warned neighbors they will be loud. Now I know we can do frogs calls back at them. :-) Great pictures! Oh..nice rain dance! lois