Thursday, June 2, 2011

What doesn't he get?

Short post today as we are preparing a get together for our Russian students tonight and I've got cooking and cleaning to do.
Yesterday the guy was coming to inspect the air conditioning and do it's yearly tune up and such.  I was going to be working down in the basement that morning and was afraid I'd miss him so I prepared a sign for the front door.  It said "  I'm down in the basement, please just come in and join me downstairs".  I know they always started the inspection in the basement, so this made sense to me, so I posted the sign and left the front door open.

Now, Left Brain didn't think this was so smart.  As he pointed out there could have been an axe murderer coming to the door (I didn't realize they did door to door) and he'd know I was down there alone.

Gheez.  So I altered the sign to add the following:  "PS: If you are an axe murderer please know that my husband is in the kitchen cleaning his guns and he's been look out!".

I'm not sure why Left Brain didn't care for that either.  There's just no pleasing that man!

Long Live the Jester Queen


  1. More important, how is your air conditioner?

    Seriously, I do love this post.

  2. One of my favorite posts. Thanks for ending my day with a laugh!

  3. axe murderers be damned, you could fight back with your humor sword. lois