Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hostas abound

The hostas are bigger and lusher this year than ever.  

It has helped that the deer have not yet discovered the abundant salad bar waiting for them.

These are behind the house and viewable from the family room.  It's nice to look outside in bad weather and be able to enjoy them.

There was a time I thought hostas are boring and avoided them as just being green blah things.

I was so wrong.  

It's nice to have plants whose foliage is the main attraction since most perennials don't have a long bloom time.

The leaves have a variety of size, texture and color.  

It's hard to pick a favorite when there is so much to pick from.  

Those with a bluish tinge invoke a feeling of peace and calm, while the bright bold yellow and green add some light to the dark corners.
I don't think of myself as a collector, some of my favorites are the older varieties such as 'sum & substance' and 'kousa regal'.

The ferns and pulmonara are a natural choice to place with them, they add another texture and bloom for some color.

Another of my favorites is the huge leaved astaboides tabularis.  You can almost see this grow day by day when it comes up in the spring.  

I like the maidenhair fern placed near this one and the false solomon seal in between them.

The sprinkling of columbine and shooting stars add little bursts of color to punch it up.  Aaaaah.  So many little time.

Long live the Queen of Hostas

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