Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The landing pad held...mostly

Hey Left Brain, help me out here!
It was a fine day the day the canned ham came home.  We cautiously backed it onto its new landing pad and lo and behold it held.  It was barely wide enough and not nearly long enough, but it's up there.

I had built this based on the measurements on the website since I didn't have the ham to measure and forgot that the wheels are about 14" out on both sides.  Ooops.  Also, that the tongue adds a lot of length to it.   Ooops.  The back end hangs waaaaay over the back edge.  But it's there for a bit.

We will take it out this weekend to camp with the grandkids and then a week later to a family reunion in Colorado.  Arrangements were made for a house sitter and it was comical to see a man that large ask if She Devil would be going with us.  I swear, the bigger the guy the more they seem to fear her.  We assured him that she'd be gone and then he was okay with it.

When we return I will begin rebuilding the new and improved landing pad for the ham.  Bigger...wider...longer...with some gravel for stability.    And I was afraid I'd have nothing to do this summer.

Long Live the Queen of Manual Labor

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