Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back from the camping trip

There was no internet while camping, so the blog has been put on hold until now.  We set up our campsite on Thursday and enjoyed a quiet night before getting the grandkids on Friday.  The weather was cool and a little damp, but sure beats the 100 degree heat we had before leaving.

On Saturday we went to the Chippewa Valley Renaissance Festival, which was a convenient 10 minute walk down a dirt path from our campground.  The girls had their fancy long dresses and it was cool enough to wear them, so we had a great time.  In the photo above they offered the girls chocolate coins to help them find a husband since they were "getting on" in age (10 and 8).  As soon as we left they asked if they could just eat the chocolate instead of finding a husband.  That's my girls!

I had the honor of introducing the 10 year old to my favorite performer, Zilch the Tory Steller and she was able to grasp most of the skit and I do believe he has a new fan now.

Left Brain was in danger of whiplash from turning his head so quickly to view all the sights of the fest.  

How do they keep those dresses on?

Performers walking the path to the fest grounds.
Many of them were camped at the same camp gorund.

This was the first time Left Brain and I shared the queen bed that is made up from the dining table and cushions.  It was more comfortable than we thought, but we're used to a larger area with She Devil hogging space.  Part of the night my face was smooshed against the fridge while one foot was braced against the sink to keep me in bed.  Other than that, it was just fine.

Sunday morning started with my stepping in cat poop on the throw rug.  She Devil had a cling-on that apparently let go about that spot. Not a good way to begin the day.  We spent some time at a park to let the kids run and then took them back to their parents and returned for one more night in the canned ham.

Monday we made our way home and having forgotten a food dish for She Devil I found that my kippas work quite well for that.  I always keep my stash in the car in case I run into a shul somewhere.

After arriving back home and unpacking I went to Menards to pick up the first 50 of the retaining wall blocks I'd purchased to make the new improved landing pad and got those set in.

Today I went back twice to get 100 more to finish the job and then shoveled the dirt from the first landing pad into the new outer edges created by the second wall.  This will create an extra garden area as well as offer some support in case we veer off the area where it needs to be parked.  Now I can order the gravel and shovel it into the center area and we're almost done.

Tomorrow is an all day clay camp for grownups where I hope to pick up some new skills for my art work should I ever be able to return to creating things.

Long live the Queen of the retaining walls

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