Friday, June 10, 2011

the canned ham is on the roll again!

ooops!  just a tad short here.
We are taking our first trip of the season with a camping adventure with the grandkids.  Four people and a cranky cat in a small metal camper in the heat.  This ought to be fun!  

Left Brain and I will enjoy the first day of camping alone to set up the campsite and get everything situated and brace ourselves for the girls.  Then on Friday we'll pick them up and have our first adventure.

On Saturday we will spend the day at the Chippewa Valley Renaissance Festival with the kids - so that should be a good time.
Then it's back home with him on Sunday as they have things arranged for Monday and Left Brain and I will take one more day alone in the canned ham to recover.
Those first outings are always fun, figuring out what you forgot, where can you get it, or can you live without it.  Wish us luck!

Long Live the Queen of the Campground

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