Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ready to Roll!

We went to bed nice and early in anticipation of a restful night of reinvigorating sleep to prepare for a long day of travel.  Left Brain dozed off immediately, as usual and I flipped around for a while trying to settle down. 
Crash!  Bang!  Clatter!  Holy cow, batman...what was THAT!  Left Brain just kept snoring through it all.  I think sometimes he pretends to be asleep so he doesn't have to deal with it.
I left the warmth of my bed to slink down the hallway to see what was going on outside.  I flipped on the outside lights to see if the coons were in the feeder.  Nope.  Bang!  There it is again.  I turned on the outside light on the deck and there he was...a raccoon was wrestling with the metal can that holds the fish food.  So, I wrapped myself in a towel I keep by the door for the hot tub, shrugged into my slippers and grabbed the broom.  Out the door I go, a woman on a mission.  The coon went as far as the steps and glared at me, so I scooped up the metal cans and ran back into the house.  
Such nighttime drama.  As I laid there trying to get to sleep I started wondering if a person could contract rabies by touching something a raccoon may have drooled on and then rubbed their eyes or something.  After debating both sides thoroughly I got up again to do a thorough hand washing and went back to bed.  Again.

The morning started out calmly with last minute errands to prepare for departure and Left Brain learned that if you turn the refrigerator in the canned ham on to battery overnight it will run down both it's battery and that of the car.  I finished getting things prepared while he jump started the car.
We put our trust in the GPS when it directed us to a campsite after driving for eight hours and it took us into downtown Lincoln Nebraska...during rush hour.  Needless to say, there was NO campground there.  We did consider the mission for a bit as we were both getting really tired and hungry by now.  But we both managed to remain civil and optimistic as we continued down the highway.  There didn't appear to be anything until we saw a sign for a campground and a gas station, both which were sorely needed.
We managed to find a campsite at the Double Nickle Campground in Waco Nebraska.  They also had a bag of ice and french dressing for sale.  We got situated and I prepared a nice salad with some curried chicken salad and an egg salad sandwich.  Then we found out they had wireless internet.  Oh happy day!
So, it's over and out at the Double Nickle and we'll continue heading westward to a campground near the Garden of the G-ds.
Long Live the Queen of the Road

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  1. My question is: Why do you need the slippers when you have that iron clad safety of the towel? :)