Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another day in the yard

I will embrace the day I have no more big projects and can just work on maintaining and tweaking the yard without chugging down Aleve and spending so much time in the hot tub I'm pruny.

Picked up the last 20 patio blocks for the landing pad.  It will be interesting to see what happens the first time we try putting the canned ham on it.  I'm expecting the patio blocks to all shatter, the sides of the landing pad to burst out on to the lawn and the whole long, exhausting project to be a complete disaster.  But then again...I'm an optimist and it might be worse than all that.

Another round of weeding and the yard should be looking okay for our gathering on Thursday.  We have a bunch of Russian students coming to work for the summer and two of them will be staying with us for the first week.

It is good to have an incentive to clean up things and get projects done...nothing like inviting people over to get the house cleaned.
Today I'm waiting for the septic pumping guy to come and clean us out...'cause that's what we people without city water and sewer do.  We believe that a royal flush beats a full house any day.

Long Live Queen of the Household chores

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