Tuesday, May 10, 2011

After the storm is over

Do I look happy about it?
Yesterday was a lost day, no energy and when the thunderstorm started to move in I cancelled my tutoring session and went back to bed and took a late morning nap.  The day was pretty much spent catching up on paperwork that had been neglected for some time.

After I snapped out of it, I rearranged the living room.  There's nothing like shoving furniture around the room to invigorate me and change things up.  Now all the chairs face the front windows providing a cinematic view of our backyard.  The first show was a horror flick starring a Coopers hawk killing a blue jay.    But the next show was a romance, featuring a male cardinal feeding seeds to the female.  That's more like it!  Now if the Indigo Buntings will just come back for their photo shoot I can post those photos.

Todays activities involve picking up another 50 retaining wall blocks (groan) and finishing the landing pad for the canned ham and then starting on the flower beds behind the house.  It will be nice when it's done and I won't have to deal with rotting railroad ties and landscape timber any more in my old age, which seems to be rolling along.  I remember being told that once you're over the hill you start to pick up speed, so I must continue my heavier projects while I still can.

Then I will have lunch with some friends and run my errands and resume my life.  I hope all this gardening is helping to make my next weigh in a success on Thursday.

Long Live the Queen of Furniture Relocation


  1. You're so lucky to have bluebirds. It's the one bird I haven't been able to "lure" yet. I even kept grubs in the refrig and put them out every morning as instructed by Wild Wings.

  2. I just love that bluebird!! I've never seen an indigo bunting. Only in pictures.

    "Over the hill" isn't quite a speedy downhill roll. The time flies by, but you still get to do a lot of the things you love. That's when I got into photography, blogging, and back to gardening.

    Good luck with the landing pad, and have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.