Saturday, May 28, 2011

A hosta love affair

I love hostas of all kinds, but the miniatures are a favorite of mine, probably because the deer are too lazy to bend down that far.

The names are so much fun.  My newest ones are called 'tick-tock' and 'mouse trap'.
Theres an entire series of mice - mouse ears, country mouse, you name it...they have it.

The deer seem to be leaving the hostas alone, it's eerie how little damage I'm finding.  
I added some new hostas to the waterfall area and the fairy garden behind the house.  It's amazing to see the larger ones push their way up out of the ground in a matter of days.

I'm still in pursuit of one called White Feather that is almost completely white - haven't found it yet.  Might have to mail order it if it's not cost prohibitive.  I'm not sure which I like best, hunting for them, planting them or watching them grow!

Long live the Queen of the Hosta

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