Saturday, May 14, 2011

Still Alice

I just finished another book by Lisa Genova called 'Still Alice'.  This one deals with Alzheimer's Disease and the story is told through the eyes of Alice, a 50 year old professor at Harvard who has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's Disease.  What an amazing insight to this terrible illness.  

The first one I'd read was called Left Neglected and deals with the strange disorder caused by a traumatic brain injury where the patient does not recognize having a left size.  It is a true condition, as bizarre as it sounds.  Another fascinating glimpse into a strange world and the courage and humor of the woman in the story dealing with this situation.  It's another good case of don't use the cell phone while driving.

Both are good books and I can't find any others that she has written, so I guess I'll find something else.  I had a friend offer me her book to read and I said I couldn't transfer it to my Kindle so it wouldn't work.  She then reminded me that I could just open the pages and read it....oh, yeah.  I kinda forgot you could do that.  Thanks JuJuBean....I will accept your offer.

Long Live Queen of the Kindle (and other books too)

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