Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wisconsin Spring...a poem...sort of

Rainy, cold and full of gloom,
I think I'll never see a bloom,
the weather's nice and then it's rotten
I do believe Spring's been forgotten.

The ground is black and full of mud,
I fear the basement is sure to flood,
the sky is gray, the wind is blowing,
I guess the yard will not need mowing.

It's just not fair, yesterday was fun,
we had blue skies and lots of sun,
I set the furniture on the deck,
can't sit there now...what the heck.

I suppose we'll go from wet and forty,
to hot and dry... oh my Lordy!
You never know what the day will bring,
To us in Wisconsin in the Spring.


  1. Great poem!! You have described it perfectly. It almost fits our Spring too. I hope by now, though, that you're able to enjoy seeing your flowers beginning to bloom. Mine are late bloomers, but late is better than not at all.
    Here's wishing you a beautiful first day of May. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. Happy May Day! We WILL have sunshine and lollipops again.