Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The vegetable garden

Yesterday was a busy day working on the landing pad and then planting more plants.  Once again, they are all in the ground and watered in.  This body is getting too old to have this much fun.

The vegetable garden also allows for some creativity.  I have a mix of edibles and flowers.  It's fun to come up with interesting ways to prop things up instead of just using the boring old cages.  The bright red ladders are perfect for my tomatoes and add some color.

Last year I started working with raised gardens and put in boardwalks to keep my feet from getting so muddy.  It makes working in the vegetable garden much more enjoyable.  I also have a small sink by the door so I can rinse the vegetables before carrying them into the house.  I'm hoping to replace the potting table (which is starting to fall apart) with a cedar raised table.  This could be used for potting or growing smaller vegetables up higher.  Or it could become one incredible fairy garden!

Each year I plant up a big 'salad bowl' with some decorative plant in the center and various herbs mixed in.  It's attractive and easy to access for salads.

The new tomatoes added this year are called Tumbler Tom and feature cherry tomatoes in a hanging basket.  I put one in a pot in the garden and the other in a pot on a stand.

The vegetable garden also contains plants that would be eaten if left outside for the deer, as well as a cutting garden.  

A small planter of everbearing strawberries is new this year.  It's fun to take one or two while working in the garden for a sweet treat.  Last year I planted a blueberry bush, so I'm hoping to get some blueberries this year.

An asparagus bed was added outside the fenced in area with 10 roots.  Hopefully this will allow us some fresh asparagus for our meals in a few years.

So, I'm hoping to have lots of fresh organic food this summer if all goes well.  Last year I set up a table by the side of the road for the over abundance and it was fun to see neighbors do their drive by shopping and pick up cucumbers and tomatoes.

Long Live the Queen of the Veggies

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