Monday, May 16, 2011

Glorious Monday

I vaguely recall a training video that only the government could possibly put out called "thank G-d it's Monday!" It was to get us fired up about starting the workweek or some such rot.  Now that I'm retired, I finally get it.  Thank G-d it's Monday!  
Now I can resume my life and shop when the stores aren't so crowded and sleep in if I want to.

The landing pad for the canned ham is nearly completed.  I need to revisit Menard's for more patio blocks.  At times I feel I am single handedly depleting their supply of brick materials.  Then I need a couple of large flagstones for the pond.  I'm creating a hiding spot from the raccoons for them. 
Hey, I'm not fat...I'm just big boned!
One came down from the hill today and he was much larger than my favorite neighborhood dog, a West Highland Terrier.  It appeared to be a good 30 pounds or more.  I wonder if he'd join me for Weight Watcher meetings.

There's still a small amount of dirt left in the trailer that I will probably just pile in the garden until needed.  We've put in almost six yards of soil so far. That just seems like the logical place to store dirt...I mean soil.  Then we'll drive the tractor and car over the landing pad to see if it holds.  I sure hope this works, cause I don't know what else to try if it doesn't.

The seating area in front of the house looks just adorable, at least to me.  Left Brain just kind of shakes his head and keeps walking.  He just can't wrap his brain around little seating areas that nobody really sits on.  Oh well.  I wonder how he'll feel about the legs sticking out from under the tree when I'm done with that project.

Long Life Queen of the Yard Make-over!


  1. Your yard is coming along nicely. What a beautiful raccoon! I know they are pesky, but they are still beautiful. We had one here last Spring, but one day it moved on and I haven't seen it since. I hope it was okay, because it was pregnant. We named her Rosie.

    This will not be a good week for yard work here because it has been raining off and on every day. I expect the sun might come out again next Friday. (when I go back to work!) lol. I'm off to make some coffee now. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. Let me know when you are going to enter your raccoon photo in LACC because it's a sure winner!

  3. I am appreciating the cute don't sit seating area.

    I do believe I admired those fish at TJ Max?
    I approve of all your endeavors. Like mine, some cause husbands to shake heads and keep walking. lois s. :-)