Friday, May 6, 2011

Okay, just some more

I've posted all the barns now, and some of the haunted houses, so these are just a few of the extra photos I liked.

I chose to show this windmill with gray skies, which is closer to what it actually looked like. Although the earlier posting of the windmill in the sunset was nice, it was totally bogus...pure Photoshop.

The old rusty license plate tucked into the edge of the barn.

I wished I could have made out what the other sign said.  Perhaps it was left over from someone waiting at the DMV?

The robin sitting on a rusty old barb wired fence.  

There was a lot of barb wire, they took their fences very seriously.

Oh yeah, there was one more rusty old thing that I did take a picture of that friend busy with her camera at one of the barns.  Don't tell her, okay?

Long Live (if she doesn't find out) the Queen of Candid Camera

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  1. I'm loving your photos. Keep 'em coming. I really miss not having someone to go with me out and about with the camera. Most of the fun is having someone else to share the adventures with.

    I'm at work, so gotta run. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.