Tuesday, May 3, 2011

the round barns in Vernon County

Not to be confused with the bridges of Madison County.

My friend and I headed out on Sunday with cameras in hand to find the remaining round barns in our area.  It was a cold, blustery day...May 1st.  The highest temperature we hit was 44.  Aaaah, spring time in Wisconsin.

I had my directions from a book found in the archives of the public library and she had a large book of all the back country roads.  Needless to say this was much more helpful than my laminated flip map of Wisconsin where it was hard to find Viroqua to start with, much less the lesser roads.

After fortifying ourselves with McDonald's breakfast sandwiches we were in full pursuit.  After several wrong turns, U-turns and re-tracking our steps (sometimes for miles), we found a few of them. then the need for a bathroom was approaching urgency levels.  Lo and behold, there by the quarry was a miracle...a lovely port-a-potty...clean...with toilet paper and hand sanitizer. 

At one of the farms we visited, the cows took a look at us and got up and ran off.  Wonder why?  I mean, we're just two middle-aged ladies with cameras.  How scary can that be?

When we found a town that was big enough to have the ubiquitous bar, church and restaurant we had a burger and  two men tried to pick us up.  Okay, just fantasying there, it was just two nice older men that told us a lot about the round barns and where to find them. I diligently wrote it on a napkin in my own special shorthand and gave it to my friend.  

We used the facilities before leaving and noticed how lovely our hair looked in the mirror.  I think I understand why the cows bolted.  Oh, that lovely treasure map I drew on the napkin...she blew her nose on it.  Oh well, I couldn't read it after ten minutes either.

We had a good time, in spite of the cold and got a lot of good photos.  Got a lot of bad ones too.  Neither one of us hear well, and we had to keep a visual out for the large farm dogs that seemed excited to see us.  But we returned without bites.

There was even a nursery that was open on the way back, so we had to stop and browse around.  I bought one heuchera...you can never have too many.  We appeared to be a long way away from home based on her map, so I used mine instead as the distances looked much closer.  Yes, this is why I travel with her...it's much safer that way.

Long Live the Queen of Round Barns


  1. I love your photos of the round barns. I've never seen one in person. However, when I was a child, we would go visit my parents' friends who lived in a round house in the country. There is one near where I work, so it could very well be the same house. Who knows?

    Shame on those cows for being so snooty. Did they really think that their hair-dos were so much better? lol. Have a great day. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. It sounds like you gals had an exciting fun time! That would make for an excellent field trip opportunity for LACC!

  3. Nice photos, Cheryl. Particularly like the one with the yellow, budding tree in the background.

  4. If you go on the internet and google Round barns of Wisconsin it will give you a list of ALL of the barns with even a latitude and longitude location. I have found one or two that are no longer standing. They are in location by county if I remember correctly. Enjoy! Mary Ann Did you PS out the electric pole in front of the bright red barn...I had to and also a car. Why don't they know we photographers don't like the such blocking our shots! Enjoy! Mary Ann I don't think I have the bottom one, may need to talk to you on the location.

  5. My grandpa used to live in Bethany, WVa in the 1940s. He worked on his uncle Oscar Allen's farm and they had a round barn. When I was a child we visited this barn, but since then I don't believe it is still standing. My grandpa always talked about the round barn.

  6. go to Dillsboro ind , near cincinati , you cant miss the biggest round barn , you probably ever seen